Britain Transfers Air Defense to Ukraine and Greece — Infantry Fighting Vehicles

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Britain Transfers Air Defense to Ukraine and Greece — Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Due to the change in the course of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the countries announced the transfer of arms shipments for the defence of Ukraine

To replace the guilty before Putin Shoigu came the new head of the corral of pedophiles and thieves. The new general staked on the destruction of the energy system of Ukraine, so the pro-Ukrainian states also made decisions regarding the protection of our state. In particular, long-planned transfers of weapons took place, as well as new defence agreements were concluded.

On October 18, British foreign secretary James Cleverly announced the transfer of modern air defence to Ukraine.

"Putin failed to capture Ukrainian towns and cities with tanks, attacks now he tries cowardly drone. These are the desperate acts of a man losing a war on the battlefield. It's why we sent air defence missiles. He won't break the Ukrainians or our resolve to stand with them," James Cleverly.

We remind you that earlier, British defence minister Ben Wallace announced that Ukraine would receive AMRAAM missiles for air defence systems shortly.

Greece is also able to help Ukraine. As part of the circular exchange system, Greece will transfer 40 Soviet-style IFV-1 to Ukraine and will receive 40 units of modern Marders from Germany as a replacement.

"40 Marder repaired by German industry will go to Greece very soon. 40 modernized Soviet armoured personnel carriers will also soon leave Greece for Ukraine. Everything is agreed, and the circular exchange is at the final stage," Christina Lambrecht.

We remind you that Germany and France announced the need to impose sanctions against Iran for the transfer of Shaheds to the Russian army.

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