European Union to Impose Sanctions on Iran

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 17, 2022
European Union to Impose Sanctions on Iran

The country that transfers drones to Russia for the destruction of the civilian population of Ukraine will be held responsible for complicity in the crime

Today, after the next deaths of Ukrainian citizens from Iranian drones Shahed-136, Ukraine has officially declared Iran an accomplice to Russia's crimes against Ukraine: "Providing weapons to wage a war of aggression in Ukraine and kill Ukrainian citizens makes Iran complicit in the crime of aggression, war crimes and terrorist acts of Russia against Ukraine."

The EU and the US have also reacted to Iran's actions and raised the issue of sanctions against the cooperating country. Today in Luxembourg, EU foreign ministers will discuss Iran's participation in crimes against Ukrainian citizens. Recall that Tehran never once claimed neutrality in the Kremlin war, and the presence of Iranian drones on the territory of Ukraine — unproven. Ukraine has revoked the accreditation of the Iranian ambassador, now, it is a matter of international intervention.

Germany and France, united with Iran by a nuclear agreement, claim that the provision of drones to the Russian army violates UN Security Council Resolution 2231 on the abolition of sanctions in exchange for limiting the nuclear program. Therefore the imposition of sanctions against Iran is a consequence of the violation of the resolution. Under the terms of the resolution, the embargo on the supply of arms, missiles and technology was in force until October 2020.

On September 9, the US imposed sanctions related to the Iran companies participating in the production and coordination of drones for the Russian consumer. The US embassy today called the attacks shameful and desperate.

"The next desperate and shameful attacks by Russia today in the morning against peaceful residents and civil infrastructure."

We remind that today in Kyiv, 5 people were killed by kamikaze drones, 3 of them — a family: a wife, a husband, and a 6-month-old child in the womb of the murdered mother.

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