Buying a Car Through “Diia”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Buying a Car Through “Diia”

From September, the registration of the sale of cars will be available through the portal or the application of public services "Diia"

The Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine announces the addition of services for motorists to Diia. Assumes that from September, it will be possible to issue a purchase and sale of a vehicle in Diia while eliminating the need for a technical inspection. Car registration will begin in June. After registering a car online, the buyer receives a license plate and registration certificate.

This is not the end of the amenities. From August, it will be possible to buy rooms through Diia: through the application, you will have access to a choice of free license plates and 10 days to book. It is also planned to cancel transit numbers. This is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly since earlier, about one and a half million plates were issued annually.

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