Canada Provides C$500 Mln Military Aid to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 20, 2022
Canada Provides C$500 Mln Military Aid to Ukraine

Justin Trudeau's office announced an additional package of equipment to protect our state

From the very beginning of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, Canada has supported Ukraine in every possible way: imposing sanctions against Russian aggression, blocking Russian funds, developing war bonds to help Ukraine, transferring weapons and techniques, and officially recognizing Russian crimes against Ukrainians as genocide.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau's office announced a new military aid package for Ukraine.

"Canada will provide an additional C$500 million (approximately $400 million — ed.) military assistance to Ukraine to support the Ukrainian military in defending the country from a brutal and unjustified Russian invasion," Trudeau's office.

The funds will be used to provide Ukraine with military intelligence and communications equipment, plus fuel and medical supplies, according to proxies of the prime minister's office.

"As Russia continues its brutal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, Canada will stand side by side with the Ukrainian people and allies in defending our shared values ​​of peace, democracy and human rights," Justin Trudeau's officials concluded.

In addition, Canada imposed sanctions on 23 more Russians working in the field of justice and security directly related to violations of the rights of Ukrainians. Currently, more than C$412 million (about $330 million) are frozen by sanctions in Canada.

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