Canada to Issue Bonds in Support of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
Canada to Issue Bonds in Support of Ukraine

"Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds" will serve as financial support for Ukraine 5 years

The government of Canada has decided to organize a new type of financial support for Kyiv. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced the launch of bond sales. The special project and securities are called Ukraine Sovereignty Bonds. All the money received from the bond sale will be transferred to Ukraine with the help of the International Monetary Fund. The remaining functions of the securities will remain unchanged: after 5 years, all owners of the securities will receive payments.

This move of Canada is a continuation of the country's financial support, which the RF attacked. This year the government has already allocated $2 billion. The total value of the bonds is expected to be almost $363 million.

Ukraine was thankful for such a step and noted that the money will be used to provide people with a "normal life": pension payments, uninterrupted heating season, etc.

"Everyone will be able to contribute to the economic and financial stability of our country by acquiring these papers," said the prime minister of Ukraine Shmyhal.

Earlier, the Ukrainian government started selling war bonds to help the Ukrainian army.

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