“CNN International” in “Diia” App

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
“CNN International” in “Diia” App

From now on, through "Diia", you can not only get government services and vote for a stamp with a ship but also watch live news

The Ministry of digital transformation has added an unexpected option to Diia watching CNN International broadcasts.

"No more searching for streaming services, platforms, websites. Just open the application, make a few clicks and get the latest world news. It's cool that Diia has English-language products. More to come. Ready to cooperate with other foreign channels," Mykhailo Fedorov.

At the same time, Diia added new services:

  • Getting a driver's license. They can be obtained even with the help of a passport or residence permit. Upon receipt, you can refuse the plastic version and use only the digital;
  • Obtaining an extract of a non-conviction;
  • Cancellation of car sharing;
  • Get a digital signature of a judge under a court opinion;
  • Customs clearance of a car with automatic calculation and payment of customs duty.

We remind you that USAID allocated $650.000 for the development of Diia, and an analogue of this system was launched in Estonia.

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