“Google” Added Ukrainian Subtitles to “Live Translate”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 10, 2023
“Google” Added Ukrainian Subtitles to “Live Translate”

2 years after the first release, the company launches a new feature, expanding the dictionary to 133 languages

Google Live Translate is a function of automatic translation of spoken language into one of 133 languages. The option was launched in 2021, but was only available to owners of Google Pixel phones and in a range of 5 languages. I/O Live Translate was scheduled for November 2022, however the project is currently in beta testing in Chrome Canary and no new release date has been set yet.

Chrome Canary beta-tester Leopeva64 posted some files to the r/chrome subreddit, which show that the nightingale language — Ukrainian, is also included in the package.

What else to expect? During speech recognition, the program will be displayed as a window on the screen, which can be minimised/closed/pinned, and the user can delete unnecessary language packs.

We remind you that the Ukrainian language has also been added to Amazon Prime and PlayStation.

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