Japan Transfers $170 Mln to Ukraine Recovery      

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Japan Transfers $170 Mln to Ukraine Recovery      

Funds provided for the implementation of emergency rehabilitation of critical infrastructure in Ukraine

Vice prime minister for the restoration of Ukraine Oleksandr Kurbakov said that the Japanese government is continuing its support program. Japan is now ready to provide Ukraine with about $170 million. These funds will come in the form of goods and equipment necessary for the restoration of Ukrainian cities by the end of the war. Therefore, it is obvious that humanitarian aid will be directed to the critical needs of the country and its inhabitants. But the Ukrainian politician says that the friendly country has not yet approved the exact amount of assistance. The final amount of assistance will be known after the signing of the grant agreement with the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In Ukraine, it is noted that first of all emergency assistance is directed to the restoration of the electricity supply and critical infrastructure. Therefore, any volume of humanitarian support helps countries stand up against the aggressor.

"The indisputable priority at this stage of reconstruction is the restoration of the critical infrastructure necessary to meet the basic needs of citizens. This is a necessary step to return Ukrainians to their homes and support economic development in the regions," the government official Oleksandr Kurbakov said.

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