Last Case Before “Regrouping” in the Kherson Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 20, 2022
Last Case Before “Regrouping” in the Kherson Region

239 day of war: Ukrainian army approaches Kherson while Russian soldiers collect taxes from residents

In the south of Ukraine, an authentic Indian summer — the Armed Forces of Ukraine show the occupiers how hot it can be in Kherson before real autumn. Daily, the defence forces set off explosions, destroying Russian ammunition depots, equipment, manpower, and logistics routes. On 19 October, the Ukrainian armed forces launched an offensive on the other side of the Kherson region. The army moved from an attack only in the south to an attack in the south and central part — of Nova Kamianka.

Against this background, Russian "authorities" called on people to move to the left bank of the region. But first, they take care of themselves, dismantling the equipment in the captured factories and giving valuable instructions. For example, local museums were ordered to prepare valuable exhibits for transport. The cultural property will be transported to the territory of the Russian Federation "in the framework of protection". Earlier, we reported that PACE will consider the genocide of the Ukrainian people in the context of the theft of cultural objects.

The Rukh civilian movement reported that it had received many reports of looting. Russian soldiers do not hesitate to come to the homes of residents and to take food, household appliances, and hygiene. There have also been several reports of rape and abuse.

Also, instead of fighting, the authorities and associates make up stories that there are many mercenaries from Ukraine. Along with this, criminals "evacuate" to the left bank or leave for Crimea.

According to the movement of public resistance to temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Yellow Ribbon, the Russian military command will once again declare a "goodwill gesture". But it should be noted that the movement, created in April 2022, already exists on the peninsula. Recently, the press centre of the organization told about new author's cards to different cities of Crimea. They report that every city in Crimea is in Ukraine.

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