Poland and the Eurocommission Search Stolen Ukrainian Children 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Poland and the Eurocommission Search Stolen Ukrainian Children 

Countries are beginning to search for our children stolen by Russia during the war 

Recently it became known that the Kremlin has become the organizer of the theft of at least 6.000 children from Ukraine. This is said by the research data made by The Conflict Observatory and the Yale Laboratory for Humanitarian Studies.

Later, the European Commissions' speaker Dana Spinant stated during the briefing that Poland and the European Commission had created an initiative to find and return Ukrainian children, which Russia had stolen during the war of the country. According to the speech, some UN agencies will also be involved in the case. In addition, the politician confirmed the information concerning thousands of forcibly taken children to the Russian Federation.

"The theft of Ukrainian children is a great social problem, tragedy, and crime. The purpose (initiative – ed.) is to unite the forces for gathering evidence to find stolen children, and responsible for crimes were brought to justice," the European Commission speaker reported.

Earlier, Ukraine managed to get 150 children back. These are 120 Ukrainian children who remained in the occupied territories and 30 children who the occupiers took to Russia.

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