Russian Teachers Will Be Jailed in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Russian Teachers Will Be Jailed in Ukraine

Russian teachers who came to the occupied territories to teach Ukrainian children according to the Russian school curriculum will be sentenced to 12 years

Deputy prime minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk said that hundreds of Russian teachers were detained in the territories of Ukraine liberated from Russian occupation. These teachers voluntarily arrived in Ukraine to teach Ukrainian schoolchildren according to the Russian school curriculum. Teachers will be convicted under article 438 of the Criminal code of Ukraine — Violation of the laws and customs of war. According to this article, Russian "enlighteners" will be sentenced to 8-12 years.

"They committed a crime against our state. We have repeatedly warned Russian citizens who agreed to come to the territory of Ukraine and carry out activities prohibited by law. Of course, the court will determine the measure of punishment for them. However, on the territory of our state, there are still a certain number of Russian citizens who have arrived in the temporarily occupied territories and will definitely be punished if they do not leave our territory without delay," Irina Vereshchuk.

Teachers from Russia are not prisoners of war, as they came to Ukraine voluntarily. Therefore, they cannot be exchanged.

"No one will consider them prisoners of war because they are not combatants, the Geneva Conventions do not provide for the exchange of non-prisoners of war," minister Vereshchuk added.

We remind you that in July, the Russian Ministry of education decided to send its teachers to Ukraine, who forcibly taught Ukrainian children the "right" Russian school curriculum, which distorts reality, propagates a fictitious Russian world history and discredits Ukraine. Also, education was forcibly conducted in the Russian language. For their services, Russian teachers took about 190.000 rubles.

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