School of Horror

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 26, 2022
School of Horror

In Mariupol, the occupiers canceled the summer holidays to teach Ukrainian children the history of Russia and the Russian language until September 1. Ukrainian books are burned

The occupying so-called "government organizations" decided to remove the summer holidays and until September 1 to arrange an accelerated course for Ukrainian children in the Russian school curriculum. The lessons will be taught in Russian, and the subjects will also be Russian: the Russian language, the history of Russia, etc.

"The main goal is de-Ukrainization and preparation for the school year according to the Russian program. Children will be taught Russian language and literature, Russian history, and mathematics in Russian all summer long. The occupiers plan to open 9 schools. However, so far, only 53 teachers have been persuaded. 6 teachers per school — a vivid illustration of Russian education in Mariupol during the occupation" Petro Andryushchenko, advisor to the mayor of the city.

All Ukrainian textbooks have been burned: literature written in the state language has been destroyed by the Russians as "nazi". Russians pay special attention to textbooks on the history of Ukraine. Following the logic of the Russians, the language of the Ukrainians and the Ukrainians themselves are nazis, and everything nazi must be destroyed. Is this not proof that the Russians staged a genocide of the Ukrainian people?

"All textbooks of the History of Ukraine are extremist. Because of the liberation movement and Muscovy. I generally keep quiet about the URA (Ukrainian rebel army — ed.) and Stepan Andreyevich (Bandera — ed.). The same textbooks in literature. And Vasyl Stus (Ukrainian poet, killed by the Russians in the Gulag for his patriotic position) is again an extremist," Petro Andryushchenko.

Remarkably, many books are written in Russian. But the fact that they contain information about Ukraine makes the books nazi in Russian eyes. The British Ambassador to Ukraine posted a photo of the occupier fire from Ukrainian books and signed: "Burning Ukrainian history books is not denazification. It is the opposite. #RussianAggression"

An essential fact about Vasyl Stus: before killing the poet, the Soviet authorities provided him with their lawyer at the trial. This lawyer, who did not defend Stus, but deliberately sent him into exile, is Viktor Medvedchuk.

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