The USA Allocates $25 Mln for the “Winter” Protection of Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 9, 2022
The USA Allocates $25 Mln for the “Winter” Protection of Ukrainians

17 EU countries sent 500 generators to Ukraine

In order to continue the struggle for victory, it is necessary to provide warmth not only to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also to the citizens of the country, who inspire their brothers from the front and relentlessly raise funds for armoured vehicles/drones/satellite etc.

Today, more than 40% of the energy infrastructure in Ukraine has been destroyed, and to regulate electricity consumption, Ukrainians live without electricity for up to 15 hours daily. This means that the apartments do not have electricity, water, internet, mobile communication, heating and even the ability to prepare dinner for our families. In order to protect the population of Ukraine, electricity generators are needed, which allows Ukrainians to provide themselves with everything necessary for life.
US ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who was in Kyiv on November 8, said that the United States, through USAID, will allocate $25 million for the protection of the Ukrainian population during the winter.

"Today, I visited a centre for displaced people, partially funded by USAID, to ensure people have food, shelter, and warmth this winter. There, I had the honour of announcing an additional $25 million from USAID to support the vulnerable population in Ukraine during the harsh winter. These new funds will extend our planning and assistance to the approximately 75.000 households most affected," Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

The ambassador emphasized that Ukraine's energy disaster is in the focus of the international community, and the United States "will not let Ukrainians freeze or starve because of Russia's brutal, unnecessary, illegal and inhumane war."

On November 4, 17 EU countries announced the transfer of 500 electric generators to Ukraine.

"Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been severely damaged. To sustain access to electricity and heating, 17 EU countries, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Poland, and France, have sent 500 power generators to Ukraine via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism," EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid.

In order to prevent Ukrainians from freezing in winter, several countries automatically extended the residence permit of Ukrainian refugees on their territory and allowed them to return to their arms those who returned to Ukraine after the refugee phase.

At the same time, Ukraine has cancelled taxes for entrepreneurs whose industry is related to heating and electrification equipment.

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