Top-10 Ukrainian Charitable Funds 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 16, 2022
Top-10 Ukrainian Charitable Funds 2022

Ukrainian organisations raised $1.5 billion to help Ukraine during the 9 months of the war

One of the most surprising phenomena of the war — Ukrainians donate thousands to help the army, animals, and other people, while the country's economy is in a military condition. People are not afraid to run out of money, but they do not want to be with Russia. That is why during the 9 months of the war, more than $1 billion was raised to help. With their donations, Ukrainians could form a rating of trusted charitable organisations in Ukraine and abroad. The top 10 included:

  • National Bank of Ukraine;

The bank, which is subordinate to the country's parliament, created a fund of assistance for the army and was war-affected because of the Russian army. People from different countries and Ukrainians regularly contribute to a particular account. For 9 months, the number of such donations amounted to $536 million.

The non-profit global organisation founded by chief cook Jose Andres raised $346 million for Ukraine.

The president’s initiative, created to support the country during Russia’s war against Ukraine, raised almost $212 million.

One of Ukraine’s most significant military aid funds is operational in 2014. From May 2014 to February 24, 2022, the fund raised more than $4.7 million for the soldiers. From February 24, the army raised $132 million.

  • System Capital Management;

The Ukrainian company was able to create a fund to help the victims, raising $87 million.

The organisation of a well-known Ukrainian television presenter and volunteer inspires excellent confidence among the country’s residents. The fund managed to raise almost $80 million, but also to push money for the purchase of "people’s" Bayraktars.

  • ARD;

The society of public radio organisations of Germany also helps Ukrainians to resist the Russian Federation and reduce the consequences of the war — $52 million.

  • Victor Pinchuk Foundation;

The charity has been operating in Ukraine since 2006 and was considered one of the largest. By August 2022, the fund had raised $44.8 million.

  • Razom;

A non-profit Ukrainian-American human rights organisation created to support Ukrainians during the Russian aggression (since 2014) raised $42.3 million in aid.

  • KSE Foundation.

The private Kyiv School of Economics also joined the charitable collections and assistance of the army. The organisation was able to help the victims and soldiers in the amount of $37.4 million.

Ukrainian people showed an incredible understanding and sympathised with each other from the first day of the invasion by the Russian army. Ukrainians did not think only about their suitcases, housing, and rescue. Women and men from all fields opened their homes to internally displaced persons, giving away their food, clothing, and finances. They continue to do so now.

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