UK Supports Transfer of Interceptor Aircraft to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, July 2, 2022
UK Supports Transfer of Interceptor Aircraft to Ukraine

British parliamentarians announced the need to transfer "F-15e", "F-16" to Ukraine to repel Russian missiles that fly into Ukrainian civilian facilities and kill people

How Ukrainians live now: in different parts of Ukraine, everyone is doing their own thing. Someone is having dinner with their family, someone is playing with a cat, someone is reading in the park, etc. Suddenly, instead of birds, an air siren starts screaming: this means that a rocket is flying and a person has 5 minutes to hide. While people are sitting in bomb shelters, air defense is working, which shoots down missiles and Ukrainians can safely return to their business. However, air defense does not respond to missiles that fly at low altitudes. In that case, the siren does not work, then the air defense does not work, and then the Ukrainians die from Russian missiles. And Russians use it: Kremenchuk, Odesa, Kyiv.

To rule out these tragedies, Ukraine needs F-15e, F-16 interceptor aircraft and other Western models.

A journalist of information resource Guildhall polled UK parliamentarians on whether they support the transfer of interceptor aircraft to Ukraine, and each of them expressed unequivocal support.
Conservative party member Sir Roger Gale twice confirmed that both interceptor aircraft and additional air defenses should be handed over to Ukraine to protect against Russian attacks.

"I support providing Ukraine with everything it needs to repel Putin's barbaric attack," Labour's Chris Bryan.

Member of the House of Lords of the British Parliament, Lord Mehnad Desai also expressed his support for transferring aviation and the necessary missile defense systems to Ukraine to combat cruise missiles.

"Of course. My position is that NATO should do everything it can to help Ukraine," Lord Mehnad Desai, member of the House of Lords.

Earlier, a head of the Center for defense reforms, Olexandr Danilyuk, said that the missiles Russia uses against Ukrainians fly low and are invisible to Ukrainian air defense. Therefore, in the name of saving the lives of people, military and civilian, F-15e, F-16 are critically needed.

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