Ukraine Launched a Website to Find Deported Children

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, November 20, 2022
Ukraine Launched a Website to Find Deported Children

Russia kidnapped more than 121.000 children from Ukraine. Children were forcibly deported, given to foster families and boarding schools. Many of these children have families in Ukraine

The government of Ukraine has launched a social portal Children of War, on which the government of Ukraine, local governments, law enforcement agencies and the community are simultaneously working to help children. The portal provides information for searching and missing, injured, and deported children.

Today there are more than 121.000 such children. Most are from the occupied Donetsk (especially Mariupol), Luhansk regions and Crimea. Some of the children are from boarding schools and orphanages. Still, many children have families: the invaders simply broke into apartments, grabbed children and took them away in an unknown direction. Some of the children were taken to Russia for "recovery", but they were not returned home to Ukraine.

Also, on the site, everyone may find information about the children who managed to find them. Unfortunately, so far, there are only 96 such children.

On Children of War, everyone can report any crimes against a child and violation of the rights of a minor citizen. What information can be left on the site:

  • Data on the missing or lost child;
  • About a crime against a child
  • Information about the unaccompanied child;
  • Facts about the deportation of the child forced change of citizenship and documents of the child;
  • Particulars of any violations of the rights of the child during the war.

Information on the portal is updated and supplemented daily. The project is operated by order of the office of the president of Ukraine, the Ministry of reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, and the National information bureau in close cooperation with the government of Canada's Support to Ukraine's Reforms for Governance (SURGe) project.

The article's cover shows a photo of 2 Ukrainian girls taken 110 years ago.

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