Ukraine Uses Home-Made Missiles

by Роман Чеплик
Friday, March 3, 2023
Ukraine Uses Home-Made Missiles

Modern missiles based on the Soviet "Smerch" exceed HIMARS in terms of flight range — 150 km

The intensity of the war on the territory of Ukraine exceeds the intensity of the war in Afghanistan. The course of the war directly depends on the availability of ammunition. In order not to be completely dependent on international aid, Ukraine began to develop its own projectiles and use them on the basis of Soviet weapons that are in our arsenal.

The National Defense Industry Association representative, Ivan Vinnyk, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces use Ukrainian-made guided missiles in combat. The rocket in the reactive volley fire system Smerch was named Vilkha-M. A volley of 12 missiles with 220 kg warheads takes 48 seconds, the flight range is 130 km. The missile will be modified for a flight of 150 km, which is more than that of HIMARS. The "gas steering" on the GPS ensures the rocket's accuracy.

There is no doubt about the effectiveness of the Ukrainian missile, especially if you remember the Neptune missile that sank the flagship of the Russian fleet Moskva.

We remind you that Ukroboronprom cooperates with NATO specialists.

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