Ukrainian Culture: World Saw and Heard

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, May 6, 2023
Ukrainian Culture: World Saw and Heard

Frank Peter Wilde, Jensen Noen, Christian Guemy, Jamala influenced the development of Ukrainian culture over the past month

While the Russian occupiers are trying to kill everything connected with the Ukrainian development and achievements in the field of art, the culture of Ukraine is multiplying. This is promoted not only by Ukrainian artists but also by foreign colleagues.

The French artist of modernity came to Kyiv to depict what reflects a fearless people attacked by the Russian aggressor. The artist, also known as C215, painted a mural on one of the buildings of the parliament of Ukraine. It depicts the defender of the country Oleksandr Matsyevskyi, captured by Russian soldiers. The Ukrainian military was shot for saying "Glory to Ukraine" – this is what the street painter drew over the portrait of the brave Ukrainian soldier. With this drawing, the French artist forever recorded in the history of Ukrainian culture the courage and pain that the whole country is experiencing now.

The famous German stylist Frank Peter Wilde took the side of Ukraine from the first days. Daily he reminds the world that the war in Ukraine continues. The designer uses clothes related to Ukraine: from blue-yellow colours of vyshyvanka and themed decorations. Recently, Wilde published a photo of the clothes of the brand from Lutsk, Ukraine – Shypelyk. It is noted that the designer is not the first time to choose Ukrainian clothes. Earlier, he wore T-shirts that the creator of the brand painted.

British rock band Bring Me the Horizon released a music video. But in order for the video for the new song to have a fresh flow, the musicians used the services of the Ukrainian director Nozhechkin or Jensen Noen (better known abroad). Ukrainian for more than 8 years, helps the culture of other countries to go to the charts. He directed 2 feature films and collaborated with Jay-Z and Ariana Grande. Such collaborations leave part of Ukrainian culture in other countries' creativity.

No less significant contribution to the development of the modern culture of Ukraine made the winner of the Eurovision song contest-2016 Jamala. Ukrainian Crimean Tatar singer released a musical album in which she used old songs. All songs are considered the heritage of the country. They were found in different villages and cities of Crimea. You can learn some stories of Crimean Tatars and even a camel who lived in Kerch, Crimea, from these songs.

Ukrainian culture has always been rich and varied. But now, Ukraine's creativity and spiritual history want to join even foreign artists.

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