Ukrainian Refugees Under 35 Intend to Return Home After the War

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, October 20, 2023
Ukrainian Refugees Under 35 Intend to Return Home After the War

A poll among Ukrainians in Poland showed that 97% of respondents believe in our victory, 83% will return to restore Ukraine

The Center for Insights in Survey Research, as part of Dream and Act from USAID, performed a sociological survey among Ukrainians aged 16-35 who have been living in Poland since the beginning of the full-scale war (61%) or have not travelled outside of Ukraine. The CISR analysis showed that 81% of participants are hopeful about the future of Ukraine; among respondents located in Ukraine, this figure is 89%.

Further indicators for Ukraine and Poland are divided as follows:

  • 98% and 97% are confident that Ukraine will win the war;
  • 79% and 83% plan to actively participate in the restoration of Ukraine after the war. This implies that those survey participants currently in Poland are planning to return home. 15% of participants are not going to return home;

65% of participants have no plan to move to another country. Among the reasons:

  • 44% are satisfied with their life in Ukraine;
  • 40% are not ready to part with family and loved ones;
  • 20% are satisfied with their wealth;
  • 15% love for country.

The survey also included a question about participation in fundraising for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and country reconstruction/social needs. The results show that 92% (located in Ukraine) and 76% (living in Poland) participate in crowdfundings. Among them, 65% participate in volunteer activities.

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