Ukrainians Developed Anti-Drone Defence Against “Shaheds”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 11, 2022
Ukrainians Developed Anti-Drone Defence Against “Shaheds”

The systems have already been thoroughly tested in Odesa: 29 out of 30 drones were shot down

Military engineers from Odesa developed air defence systems to protect Ukraine from the Shaheds. Until now, the use of drones against Ukrainians has been a mighty challenge for the Ukrainian military, as it is impossible to change Shahed's trajectory. Now the sky of Ukraine is protected by defence systems both against missiles and drones.

"We can only observe and notify. In the 1st days, it was tough, there were airstrikes... But our experts have developed a whole system to counter this new type of weapon for us. Currently, a separate system against the Shaheds and a separate one against missiles is working," the founder of alarm-channel Air alert, lieutenant colonel of the National Guard Serhii Sudets.

According to the lieutenant colonel, the anti-aircraft fighters of Odesa are among the best because they not only developed an anti-drone but also skillfully use it. In 2 hours, the Ukrainians shot down 29 drones out of 30 aimed at civilian infrastructure. As of today, Russia has used more than 400 martyrs against Ukraine. Most of them were destroyed by Ukrainian forces. We remind you that Ukrainian programmers have also developed an application that allows you to transmit information about enemy drones in the sky to the General Staff.

Today, the Air alert channel has more than 105.000 participants. The channel's only function is to notify about missile or other attacks against Ukrainian cities. After receiving the attack's notification, the Ukrainians have a few minutes to move to the bomb shelter.

"How much time depends on the type of weapon. If it is the Caspian region, there are up to 40 minutes. If the Black sea region is Crimea, planes from Crimea or the enemy fleet is Caliber missiles, people have up to 10 minutes. X-type missiles fly longer, but they are not highly accurate. Iskanders are launched from the Kherson direction. There is very little time there. It is not enough for the military and even less for the civilian population," Serhii Sudets.

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