Ursula von der Leyen About the 11th Sanctions Package

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Ursula von der Leyen About the 11th Sanctions Package

Expanding economic restrictions against foreign legal entities that still cooperate with the Kremlin

In an interview with the German media ZDF, the president of the European Commission talked about cutting down the illegal activities of companies that continue business relations with Russia, thus sponsoring the war. A long list of such companies will be included in the following package of sanctions.

"And that is why in the eleventh package of sanctions, we have more than 90 companies around the world that we have clear evidence of that they are violating the sanctions, that is, they are supplying sanctioned goods directly to Russia from the European Union bypassing 3rd countries," Ursula von der Laien.

We remind you that Josep Borrell recently published a scenario, the main characters of which are Russia, Russian oil, Indian buyers and refineries, and "no-roots" fuel at the exit. Robert Habeck also called for greater scrutiny of ambiguous contracts and scrutinising business deals for hidden Russian benefits.

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