World Bank Approves Ukrainian Tender Procurement System “Prozorro”  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 15, 2022
World Bank Approves Ukrainian Tender Procurement System “Prozorro”   

WB recommends "Prozorro" for international tender procedures

The Ministry of economy of Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian system of tender procedures Prozorro had been evaluated by the World Bank team. According to the evaluation results, Prozorro meets the WB requirements for conducting national procurement procedures up to €5 million, as well as tender operations with WB financing in Ukraine from €5 million. It is worth noting that the last transactions can be carried out after Prozorro fulfils specific requirements put forward by World Bank experts. 

In particular, Prozorro needs to implement the necessary appeal mechanism to standardise under WB. This option will be available in March 2023. Prozorro will also introduce the possibility of a 2-stage purchase of repair/reconstruction services during restoration work in Ukraine. According to the representative of the Ministry of the economy of Ukraine, Nadezhda Bigun, even in military conditions, Ukraine has already fulfilled several WB conditions. In particular, the rules of public procurement have been updated, and now they can be carried out even with the participation of only 1 application from the contractor, as well as at a price exceeding the amount in the estimate.

In addition to optimising Prozorro and Prozorro Market. Under these requirements, WB plans to attract the Ukrainian platform for all projects to reconstruct Ukraine. Therefore, Prozorro will hold a series of seminars and consultations on working with the Ukrainian platform for WB experts.

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