52 Defenders Were Returned

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
52 Defenders Were Returned

On October 29, Ukraine met soldiers released from the captivity of the Russian aggressor

On Saturday, another round of exchange of prisoners of war with the Russian invaders took place. Head of the presidential staff Andrii Yermak told about the progress of the return of Ukrainian soldiers to their homeland. The list of prisoners of war comprises people who have been in Russian hands for the longest time. Ukraine was able to choose the return of fighters from Bucha, the Chornobyl zone, and Serpent island. It is known that 52 people were released. Among them are officers, doctors, sergeants, and soldiers. These are people of different ages — from 19 to 56. Yermak also said that among the liberated defenders of Ukraine, there are heroes from the Azovstal plant.

"The defenders of Azovstal, the defenders of Mariupol, and the people who saved life return home. We exchanged the head of the surgical department of the military hospital of Mariupol, which was in Azovstal, and a young military surgeon. We are returning a marine soldier, whose wife recently returned from captivity and a volunteer from Mariupol with the symbolic surname "Moskva", and a sailor from the Serpent island," said Yermak.

2 civilians were also released from Russia and held captive for several months. All people were greeted as real heroes: with flowers, flags, and tears. But these people are heroes! Really! They were the first to be hit by Putin's enraged army.

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