422 Corpses of a Ukrainian on the Streets of Bucha

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 15, 2022
422 Corpses of a Ukrainian on the Streets of Bucha

The police of the Kyiv region called the number of bodies of Ukrainians killed in Bucha, who lay on the streets until the occupation of the town

Bucha is one of the biggest tragedies of Ukraine. During the month of their robbery "ruling" in this small town, the Russians killed thousands of people. Russians beat them up, tortured, shot them. Hanging. Performed genocide. The city turned into a ghetto with 3 mass graves. Russians killed Ukrainians for no reason, who just walked down the street: to visit their mother or to the grocery store. The corpses of the killed Ukrainians lay on the frozen March ground until the very deoccupation. The number of these people is 422.

In Bucha, 422 bodies of civilians killed by the invaders were found in the town after the deoccupation. Police officers of the Kyiv region found places of mass executions in basements, on the streets, in garages," the press service of the police of the Kyiv region.

Andrii Nebitov, the chief of police in the Kyiv region, said that in one of the garage cooperatives, people were hiding from Russian shelling. The Russians demanded that the Ukrainians come out and surrender, but the people refused. The Russians shot at the garage and then set it on fire.

"The bones were badly burned, they have a specific purple hue, which suggests that the body was most likely doused with gasoline first and then set on fire. The seized cartridge cases from machine guns near the garage tell us that people were most likely shot first. Basically. This coincides with the testimony of witnesses," Nebitov commented on the forensic medical examination of the bodies and the scene.

Andrii Nebitov said that as soon as Bucha was occupied, Kyiv immediately began to receive alerts about the multiple atrocities of the Russians, about murders and rapes. And after some time, Russia destroyed all communications that connected the inhabitants of Bucha with the rest of Ukraine.

"Further on, together with the military administration, we managed to organize the evacuation by local self-government bodies. The first people who arrived by bus, came by private transport, told us about the atrocities that took place in those territories. They talked about dozens of dead people, about burned bodies on the streets, just shot people who were lying and no one took them away," Andrii Nebitov.

"It was tough to believe that this could happen in the 21st century, but such massive testimonies nevertheless convinced us that hell is happening there. Otherwise, I don't have a name."

On April 1, when Bucha was liberated, the specialized services and the world community saw with their own eyes the confirmation of all the atrocities of the Russians against the Ukrainians.

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