8 Ukrainian Women Entered the Top-100 Worldwide

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 9, 2022
8 Ukrainian Women Entered the Top-100 Worldwide

BBC published the rating of inspiring an influential women 2022

The annual rating from the BBC has been compiled for 10 years. Every year, a popular publication searches for women who have appeared on the covers of world magazines changed history or showed courage. For 12 months of 2022, the jury was able to find 8 Ukrainian women who fit all the criteria. 8 places from 100 possible took:

She saved the military and civilians in Mariupol, for which she received the title of an influential woman according to the BBC. Recall that Taira was recently released from Russian captivity.

  • The first lady of Ukraine;

Olena Zelenska is recognized as the most influential woman because she covers the lives of the Ukrainian people, who suffer through the Russian Federation. The first lady of Ukraine also became the first wife of a foreign president to address the US Congress. Her appeal was understandable — protecting Ukraine with weapons.

  • Deputy of parliament and volunteer Yana Zinkevych;

She was rated for saving people on the front line and creating an influential volunteer group.

  • Kristina Berdynskykh;

The journalist got the field of view of the BBC through work in the areas of Russian shooting.

  • Iryna Kondratova;

The Ukrainian doctor is not afraid of Russian shootings in Kharkiv and the region, so he assists the injured.

Since February 24, the law enforcer has officially documented Russian crimes in Ukraine. Matviichuk also became the Nobel Peace Prize winner. This year, she met with Hillary Clinton.

  • Yuliia Sachuk;

Ukrainian women have limited opportunities but have already managed to become a leader among the population. In addition, in the Russian-Ukrainian war, she organizes the evacuation from dangerous territories for people with disabilities.

  • Maryna Viazovska;

The mathematics profession from Ukraine became the second in the history of a woman who received the prestigious Fields Prize. The award was received for solving a centuries-old problem. Previously, there was no answer to the problem that could be solved by the Ukrainian woman. Viazovska gave the world a solution to the problem of laying balls in Euclidean space.

We remind you that all women of Ukraine were awarded the McCain Halifax Prize for particular leadership in the pursuit of justice

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