by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 30, 2022

Ukraine returns to the celebration of Christmas on December 25 

With the advent of the Soviet government and the establishment of its own Moscow church to manipulate the population of the USSR countries, the dates of Ukrainian holidays were also changed. All holidays have been moved 2 weeks ahead. For decades, Ukraine celebrated Christmas not on December 25 but on January 7. Now, in an accelerated process of breaking away from everything post-Soviet, Ukrainians have begun to demand the return of the real Ukrainian Christmas.

Therefore, traditionally, through Diia, on December 24, the government opened a vote on a preferred day for celebrating the most emotional holiday of the year Christmas. More than one and a half million Ukrainians took part in the voting. What happened:

  • December 25 903.265 votes 55%;
  • January 7 390.125 11%;
  • Both dates 192.788 25%;
  • Do not celebrate Christmas 45.075 9%.

It is worth noting that many Ukrainians who do not celebrate Christmas still voted for celebrating December 25 since they primarily favour restoring Ukrainian culture.

Diia is an abbreviation that translates into English as the State and I. Diia, in addition to opinion polls, stamp design and holidays voting, provides a full range of public administrative services.

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