Estonia Expels Another Russian Diplomat 

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 24, 2023
Estonia Expels Another Russian Diplomat 

This embassy employee violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and undermined the security of Estonia

On March 24, the Estonian Ministry of foreign affairs issued a note to the charge d'Affaires of the Russian embassy, declaring the employee of the Russian embassy persona non grata. The above employee violates the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and is required to leave Estonia by March 29.

"This diplomat engaged in direct and active undermining of Estonia's security and constitutional order, disseminated propaganda justifying Russia's military actions, and split Estonian society," the MFA of Estonia.

Prior to Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine, there were 21 Russian diplomats and 23 individuals without diplomatic status in Tallinn. Since February 1, 2023, observing parity in the number of Estonian diplomats in Moscow, only 8 Russian diplomats and 15 persons without diplomatic status have been working in Tallinn. Today, neither Estonia nor Russia has their own ambassadors in the opposite country.

We remind you that due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, the states of Europe crawled out of their capitals more than 100 ambassadors. After Bucha, the second wave of expulsions of ambassadors and diplomats took place. And in July 2022, Bulgaria expelled 70 Russian diplomats who were not very diplomatic.

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