Kyiv Funds Animal Shelters

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, July 16, 2023
Kyiv Funds Animal Shelters

The city council announced the creation of a project to help public animal rights/health/life protection organisations 

On July 6, deputies of the capital of Ukraine decided to elect public organisations that take care of animals annually. Currently, a program is being developed to select these organisations. It will have several criteria: the status of a legal entity, the maintenance of stray cats and dogs caught in Kyiv, the sterilisation of animals, etc. After approval of the project, shelter owners can apply for assistance. Every year, the Kyiv city administration will choose the shelters that most need financial support. Funds will be allocated from the city budget. The main purpose is to improve the conditions on the premises of shelters and ease the cost of sterilisation of cats and dogs.

In Kyiv, it is noted that currently, homeless animals receive assistance from the municipal enterprise Kyiv city hospital of veterinary medicine and volunteers (90%). Therefore, the created project will not only allow qualitatively helping animals but also encourage public organisations to work with the problem of homeless animals actively.

It should be noted that the war changed the living conditions of people and animals. Due to the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, animals are killed and injured daily. Also, during the year and a half of the war, the number of homeless animals in the country increased due to forced migration. But most Ukrainians are ready to help animals, both during the flood and in the event of a nuclear explosion.

On the cover of the article, you see the Kyiv cat Chloe, who, with her parents, hid in the subway during the Russian missile attack on July 2 this year.

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