Russia Stole at Least $1 Bln From Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 5, 2022
Russia Stole at Least $1 Bln From Ukraine

NASA research identified the amount of grain exported from the occupied territories

Bloomberg published an article on the condition of Ukrainian grain based on NASA data. The material indicates that the study concerns grain crops and fields, which from February 24 to the present day, are under the control of the RF. Such an analysis filter already shows that Ukraine has lost profit. However, the artificial intelligence program was able to calculate the estimated losses in monetary equivalent.

"Ukraine has lost at least $1 billion of wheat collected in Russian-controlled regions," Bloomberg writes.

Specialists used satellite data and open data for calculation. Thus, experts concluded that there were about 6 million tons of wheat in the occupied territories. As can be seen in the pictures, some of the Russian invaders were collected and removed from Ukraine. The other part of wheat remained not collected because it is along the front line. All data and calculations are approximate, as Ukraine has created granaries. It is impossible to see them fully and properly on satellite information. At the same time, the material includes data that Ukraine increases the turnover of grain cultivation. NASA estimates that in 2022, Ukrainian farmers raised 26.6 million tons of wheat — several million tons more than the central forecast that considered the war. Thus, Ukraine will be able to implement the program Grain from Ukraine and deliver 60 ships with grain to needy countries by the summer.

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