Russian Dictator Changed Tactics of War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 22, 2022
Russian Dictator Changed Tactics of War

Putin will destroy the Ukrainian energy facilities with the remnants of his army

The Times believes that the last few months are evidence of a change in tactics of warfare. The Russian army sees no way to win the battle, so it terrorizes the peaceful population of Ukraine. We have previously reported that rape is part of the war tactic's against Ukrainians. But as winter approaches, Russians have not lost their cunning and are destroying power plants all over Ukraine now.

Russian missiles and kamikaze drones have destroyed more than 40% of the country’s energy facilities since the beginning of autumn. These translate Ukraine into an energy crisis: forced power outages, energy savings, and life without communication appear. Within 10 days, the invaders left 1.100 villages and towns without electricity.

On October 22, Putin’s army again carried out a massive missile strike on power points in Ukraine. Explosions were heard in 13 regions of the country. A large number of missiless were directed at the western part of the country. A station in Vinnytsia was hit by rocket fire twice. As a result of the morning bombardment, there was no light or water left:

  • 672.000 subscribers in the Khmelnytskyy region;
  • 188.400 subscribers in the Mykolaiv region;
  • 102.000 — in the Volyn region;
  • 242.000 — in Cherkasy;
  • 174.790 — in Rivne;
  • 10.500 in Odesa.

Ukrainian specialists are struggling with fire and destruction, as well as trying to get electricity to people.

"The strikes will continue. Missiles and drones in Russia are not yet over, and Iran has already announced deliveries of ballistic missiles. Therefore, it is very important to provide Ukraine with air defense systems. Without them, the country faces great destruction and many victims," The Times quotes economic expert Oleksandr Khmelevskyy

The Ukrainian power grid is lighting, heat, and water in the house of every Ukrainian. Russia wants to destroy the power grid to leave ordinary people without heat in the cold autumn and winter, limiting their social life and information awareness. The dictator Putin hopes that such tactics will lead Ukrainian citizens to the streets with a demand to Zelenskyy to conclude a peace agreement with Russia. However, the Ukrainian people never  succumb to the provocations, especially if because prospect of becoming Putin’s slaves is at stake.

Spring always follows the frosty winter! Glory to Ukraine!

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