The USA to Recognize Russian War as Genocide

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 27, 2022
The USA to Recognize Russian War as Genocide

Congress wants to pass a resolution that will give Putin's war against Ukraine the status of genocide

On 24 June, the United States Congress presented a resolution whereby Russia's war against Ukraine would dominate the new definition. The two Houses of Representatives of the Congress characterize the actions of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine as an act of genocide. This information was published by the publishing house Foreign Policy. According to them, the resolution contains a text that points to:

  • Violent actions of Russian soldiers against Ukrainian civilians;
  • Indiscriminate attacks;
  • Missile and artillery attacks on parents' homes, high-rise buildings, and hospitals;
  • Forced removal of Ukrainians to the territory of Russia.

According to such actions, Russia is not only a terrorist state but also a country committing an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people. The illegality of all the actions of the occupiers is confirmed by article II of the United Nations Convention.

Note that the resolution is not the legal basis for punishment. However, its adoption makes a criminal country outcast in the world and influenced the opinion of the international court. So, if the resolution is adopted, the Russian Federation expects certain measures that will help the world prevent terrorist actions. Also, Putin and his entire territory, every soldier and collaborator, will be punished, corresponding to the Power, the author of the genocide of another people.

We remind you that Ireland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Canada, Estonia and Latvia already recognized Russia's actions as genocide. 

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