Ukraine Received 17 Tons of Animal Feed for Zoos

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 10, 2022
Ukraine Received 17 Tons of Animal Feed for Zoos

On June 10, Kyiv received humanitarian aid from European zoos for our younger brothers

Kyiv zoo announced the receipt of humanitarian aid for animals of zoos of Ukraine. As a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, many animals died from the shelling, and even more animals are slowly dying of starvation.

"In this difficult time of war, our European partners provide enormous humanitarian assistance. This is extremely important because some exotic species need a special diet. 200 species of animals live on the territory of Kyiv zoo. Many zoos in Ukraine have been hit hard by Russian military aggression and need help. We are grateful to the foreign community and animal rights activists who have provided our zoo with animal feed and other necessities for 4months. And we, for our part, will help other zoos of Ukraine," Kyiv zoo.

4 tons of fodder will be delivered as soon as possible to the Mykolaiv zoo, which suffers the most. 2 tons will soon be transferred to the Odesa zoo, 800 kg to Rivne, 400 kg to Cherkasy. The rest of the feed will be distributed among other zoos in Ukraine according to the individual needs of the animals.

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