Ukrposhta: Delivery of Good Mood Day to Day

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 8, 2022
Ukrposhta: Delivery of Good Mood Day to Day

The national postal operator issues a new stamp for the unexpected all-Ukrainian holiday

On the morning of 8 October, it became known that the bridge from Russia to Crimea visited Bavovnyatko — there was an explosion. The Ukrainians received this news with a positive attitude — the largest arms supply hub to the occupied territories was cut off. The national postal operator Ukrposhta decided to please the Ukrainians even more and has already announced the issue of a new stamp. Stamps will be dedicated to the explosion on the Crimean Bridge. General director of Ukrsposhta Igor Smelyansky said that the circulation will be 7 million marks. The exact date of release is not yet reported. However, Smelyansky revealed a secret.

"In honour of the All-Ukrainian holiday, Ukrposhta issues a stamp with the Crimean bridge. As you understand, we have been preparing it for a long time together with the artist Yuri Shapoval. There is a washing machine, the enemy's equipment, and handcuffs, which Crimea is tearing together with Russia," wrote the Facebook general director.

Also, Ukrainians already draw thematic pictures and create memes and videos. An excellent continuation of the tradition of Ukrposhta to issue postage stamps for every outstanding event in the opinion of Ukrainians.

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