Russia Became the Biggest Comedy Project

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Russia Became the Biggest Comedy Project

Influential personalities and world politicians ridicule statements by Russian ministries

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US representative to the UN, made the latest statement to Russian politicians. She encouraged politicians to engage in politics rather than making up ridiculous propaganda. Her statement concerns the recent accusation of the RF of Ukraine in the creation of another new weapon — biological pathogens, "dirty bomb". On October 28, Russia even convened a meeting of the UN security council accusing Ukraine of preparing an attack with biological weapons. Immediately, Thomas-Greenfield remembered biological weapons in the creation of which the Kremlin also tried to incriminate Ukraine in spring.

"Russia warns that biological pathogens will spread bats, birds, and mosquitoes. Russia knows that migratory species are studied to study pathogens in many laboratories — this is common practice. But bats and birds do not adhere to sovereign borders, and like Russia," said the representative of America to the UN.

But the UN's mockery of Russia did not end there. The representative of Albania at the same meeting, devoted to the "fight against mosquitoes", called on Russian politicians not to burden the security council with propaganda. He reiterated that the Russian Federation had never presented any evidence against Ukraine.

"The UN security council has nothing to do but discuss Russian propaganda?" The representative of Albania posed a question to the representative of Russia Vasiliy Nebezia.

But the Russian side, as always, had a new legend. Vasiliy Nebezia said that the USA has some patented "drones for transporting mosquitoes infected with a dangerous virus" that they can transfer to Ukraine.

Earlier, on June 26, the G7 leaders recalled famous photographs of Putin's bare-chested horseback riding. According to AFP, Ursula von der Lane, Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau joked about stripping to look and "be strong" like Putin. Johnson began to joke: "Jackets on? Jackets off? Are we taking off our coats?" Trudeau backed the joke and invited to tighten the official photo and then undress. To this, Johnson also replied: "We must show that we must be cooler than Putin."

And American TV presenters are not shy at all, directly accusing Putin of lying.

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