Ukrainian Methods of Warfare Again Noted in the Pentagon

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, August 30, 2022
Ukrainian Methods of Warfare Again Noted in the Pentagon

The former commander-in-chief of the United States army said that Ukraine has made significant progress using even unfamiliar early weapons

The war between Russia and Ukraine is different, although both countries are involved in the same struggle. Russia fights for foreign territory, uses scorched land tactics and often does not talk about losses. Ukraine defends sovereignty and democracy, mourns soldiers and civilians, and uses the new so-called McGyver tactics in the war.

This tactic was told in The New York Times. The article was devoted to the export opinion about the war in Ukraine of Frederick B. Hodges, former commander-in-chief of the US army in Europe.

"People use the McGyver metaphor. I'm talking about a television show in the 1980s where the main character uses simple improvised gadgets to get out of tricky situations. The engineering ingenuity of the Ukrainians contrasts sharply with the slow, leisurely, doctrinal nature of the Russian offensive," said a senior military official.

He gave an example of how the Ukrainians destroyed Moskva. Hodges said that Ukrainian military engineers developed an anti-ship missile with a set-up and named it Neptune. Neptune is based on a Soviet anti-ship missile but with improved range and electronics. Hodges hinted that even the hit on Moskva was ingenious — the defenders of Ukraine, with the help of trucks, transported the installation and, at the proper range, struck the ship.

The expert is also surprised how the Ukrainian army successfully uses Bayraktar drones to destroy enemy objects.

At the same time, the former commander-in-chief of the US Navy mentioned assistance to Ukraine. According to him, America has sent military assistance to Ukraine, which includes even the most advanced and lethal weapons systems in the world.

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